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House rules



Our reception is manned Monday to Friday 10.00-12.00 & 15.00-18.00h, for your late check in we offer a touchless check-in-counter in front of the hotel.

All suites/rooms are automatically cleaned once a week from the bodenseezeit for long-term bookings of 30 nights or more. Towels and bed linen are also changed once a week during cleaning. For short-term bookings of less than 30 nights, guests can decide for themselves when they want to receive them. Please hang the door sign labelled "Please clean my room" on the outside of your room door by 1:00 p.m. or inform the staff at reception. 

Use of suites, equipment and public areas

The suites/rooms must be accessible for cleaning during business hours, between 09:00 and 18:00, for the cleaning staff. After cooking in the suites/rooms, the kitchen must be left in a clean condition. The guest is obliged to use and treat the suites/rooms and their equipment, as well as the public areas, such as corridors, terraces, outdoor facilities, all public areas with care. The suites/rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition before departure. Should our cleaning staff need more time to clean the suites/rooms due to enormous impurities, we reserve the right to charge the guest for the additional time spent. The guest is obliged to air the suites/rooms appropriately.

In case of damage to the inventory of the suites/rooms and their equipment, as well as the public areas, the guest is obliged to report this immediately to the management of the bodenseezeit. The same applies in case of danger to the suites/rooms and/or their equipment as well as to the property of bodenseezeit. The guest can be held liable for damages caused by gross negligence.

The following house rules must be followed!


If you are missing something concerning the equipment or if you need help, you can communicate your concerns to the management of the bodenseezeit during the advertised reception hours personally, by telephone or by email. The entire inventory and equipment in the suites can be used by the guests. Please use the equipment and facilities in an appropriate manner. Should the number of occupants change, please book for an additional person, provided this corresponds to the occupancy plan of the suite or room according to our occupancy offer. The maximum occupancy per Junior Suite as well as Panorama Suite is two persons; in the Comfort Suites up to 4 persons.


Please report any damage immediately to the management of the bodenseezeit, otherwise you will be held liable for any damage. Guests will also be held liable for damage caused by their visitors.


Please remember to store the kitchen equipment clean and tidy. Please be considerate of other guests and do not prepare strong smelling food in the suites/rooms of the bodenseezeit.

Public areas: 

The public areas, such as the lobby, corridors, terraces, outdoor facilities and underground car park must be left in a proper condition.

Waste disposal

Please leave your rubbish only in the bins provided in your apartment, not on the corridors, toilets - our team will pick the rubbish up, please inform the reception.

For smokers

Smoking is prohibited in the entire house. In case of violation the guest will be held liable and will pay a minimum penalty of 300,00 EUR. In case of resulting renovation costs, which are higher, these will be charged to the tenant. A smoking terrace is located outside the ground floor and is marked. If smoke smoke in the suites/rooms or public areas (which are not intended for smokers) triggers the fire alarm and this leads to a subsequent fire brigade intervention, these costs will be explicitly compensated by the person who caused the triggering of the fire alarm.

Due diligence

Windows and doors must always be closed when leaving the suites/rooms to avoid damage by the weather. Please also switch off all lights before leaving the suites. The bodenseezeit is not liable for the loss of your valuables. Please lock your valuables in the safe on your suite / room. Parents are liable for their children.

Rest periods

Please always keep the volume at minimum and especially between 22:00 and 06:00 o'clock not louder than room volume. Partying and loud music are strictly forbidden in the whole house and in front of it.


One brave dog per apartment is allowed in the bodenseezeit. We charge € 15,00 per night seperately. All cases of demage in the hotel or in the apartment will be charged to the dog owner.


Checkout is no later than 10:30. In case of a later checkout, the renter will be charged the price for another night. The management of the bodenseezeit can terminate the tenancy without refund of the rent, should the general terms and conditions or house rules be disregarded and/or in case of physical and/or psychological violence and/or discrimination of any kind against other tenants or employees of the bodenseezeit